Chair & Artdirector

Catherine Mancera is as a top class bellydancer from Berlin.

With a dance background in gymnastics and ballet, she devoted herself with great passion to Egyptian dance. Jetset between Cairo and Berlin – she went under the wing of great masters Mahmoud Reda, Dr. Mo Geddawi, Raqia Hassan, Momo Kadous and especially Randa Kamel, who influenced her dance style significantly. She is a very emotional, expressive dancer with great natural charm and ravishing oriental elegance!

Among her famous performances are at the Dinnershow Madi Zelt der Sinne , Ufa Fabrik and Universal Hall. Meanwhile she is performing and teaching not only in Berlin and Germany but also in Europe and the USA. With Dr. Mo Geddawi, she produced the HATHOR DANCE FESTIVAL in 2010 in Berlin with Raqia Hassan, Zoraia Zayed among others.

A big dream is now fulfilled: Under her leadership, she continues two years of the event series SPIRIT of CAIRO | showcase on the stage, featuring her own ensemble ESHTAH. 2014 was the debut of the SPIRIT of CAIRO | festival edition. Bringing international stars like RANDA KAMEL from Cairo and MOHAMED SHAHIN from New York!

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